In 2007, on the shore of picturesque Lake Sevan was founded the “Lihnitis” Limited Liability Company. By the way, at the time of Ptolemy it was the name of Lake Sevan.
The company has set itself a goal to supply Armenian consumers with products corresponding to the “Beer Purity Law” 
standards in Germany. 
To achieve this objective has been built the most modern equipment brewery «KELLERS».
For brewing KELLERS only imported from Europe high quality ingredients are used, like barley malt, hops and live beer yeast, and the manufacturing process is monitored by professional European Brewers.

Truly - a real German in Armenia!
This drink, based on "live" water of Sevan basin, differs from all others by its amazing softness, exceptional taste, splendid look, freshness and crystal clarity. German law prescribes: "No foreign components in beer" and "Lihtinis" LLC consistently comply with this requirement. We are confident that, anyone who will taste once the beer KELLERS, immediately will feel the whole “bouquet” of advantages over all other similar drinks.

Beer KELLERS bottled, pasteurized
Beer KELLERS DARK draught, unfiltered
Beer KELLERS GOLD filtered, unpasteurized
Beer KELLERS GOLD Draught, unfiltered